Here I Stand…

Yvonne McJetters, M. Div. Founder & CEO

I stand at the crossroads of eternal bliss realizing that this journey has been paved with rocks, hills, creeks, rivers, streams, mountains and roadblocks.  This journey is set amidst darkness of nightfall; but I am grateful to be guided by the light of a full moon set surrounded by a beautiful sky bursting forth with bright stars sparkling like shimmering diamonds on a beautiful horizon casting pebbles of light into

the darkness of what seems like the abyss

The path of life can often reveal some unexpected dangers; but the journey can be and is for me fascinating and spiritually rewarding.  Throughout my challenging journey from darkness to light I managed to safely arrive at a holistic and remarkable destination.

Man’s search for Meaning

As I search for meaning in my life I look back over the tattered pages of my story.

I am like a flower planted as a seed, watered with rainfall, fertilized with the elements of the earth, and blossomed into the stable embrace of the early morning sun beaming bright and blazing light.  At conception my DNA was warmly, tenderly, and radiantly bathed and nourished in the intimate light of the sun and kissed with a gentle splash of additional rich color (melanin).

I have curvy hips, full lips, high-cheekbones and endowed with a cleavage that others may wish…I do more than fill up a dress; I bring style and presence to a room, and don’t mind taking risks.  I was graciously sprinkled with an abundance of morning dew radiating with an aura of dazzling, brilliant, sparkling and inviting colors of blue blended into a rainbow hue.  I am balanced, blessed, bold and beautiful “Lioness Arising.”

I was tenderly caressed by God’s guiding hand, and bloomed into a beautiful and scented rosebud or murky lotus flower teased around the repellant edges as if to protect the (center) core.  I am a precious stroke of generous created like a rare pearl tucked deep inside the uniquely beautiful crafted and naturally formed oyster shell designed by the complementary raw elements of the earth.

I am soft like the velvet, silky and glistening petals of a rosebud to be HANDLED with delicate care unless you don’t mind being pricked by the sharp spiked thorns; BE CAREFUL because the rosebud and branches are STRONG, appearing fragile but remain resilient.

Life has taught me to be like the rock, the creek and the river- streaming waters flowing and bending at every cautious crest and curve.  As the river pours into the ocean and manages to flow on course over a lifetime with the gentle STRENGTH to smooth even the hardest of stones. I am the river.

I am a beautiful scented rosebud, a murky lotus flower, a uniquely crafted rare pearl, and an obviously vibrant, courageous, and strong river overflowing many banks into the ocean at the end of a lifetime of experiences and on a continuous journey into unexplored territory and dimensions known to man.

I am a single drop in a vast ocean making a big splash~ between the small dash on the tombstone of eternity.

Yvonne McJetters, M. Div. Founder & CEO

“Yvonne’s Place” Legacy House & Support Services for Veterans,

Desert Shield/Desert Storm “Gulf War” Navy Veteran